SK-II Cellumination Essence EX Review

Hello everyone.

First of all I’d like to wish you guys a very happy New Year 2013 and the upcoming awesome Chinese New Year Celebrations. It’s been a while since my last blog. Our family went away on holiday and I was busy preparing for my local golf tournaments so my apologies for not updating my blogs often enough.

What I’d like to review today is my recent new found love: the SK-II Cellumination Essence Ex (an updated version of the SK-II Cellumination Essence).

SK-II Cellumination Essence Ex

What it does?

The SK-II Cellumination EX is a high-performance whitening serum. If you like your tan and do not wish to whiten your skin (like most Asians do) then I would strongly recommend against using this product. Although it may have ingredients similar to other serums in the market, it has unique ingredients with special whitening effects for those who seek whiter and brighter skin. It contains SK-II exclusive ingredient De-Melano P3C which helps improve dull and yellowish skin tone. It also helps firm and diminish the appearance of discoloration for youthful appearances.

The main purpose of this serum is to improve skin tone and skin texture.  The EX version compiles all these enhanced ingredients into a great formula to give a clearer, more uniform skin tone (correcting the yellow Asian skin tone to a whiter finish). It also helps to condition and refine the skin by smoothing out and clearing the skin surface. Containing all the active ingredients of Pitera enriched vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids; it assists in accelerating the skin’s natural revitalisation process in order to help the skin become more transparent, even and glowing. The essence is very lightweight and easy to apply due to its high absorption rate. It penetrates quickly into the skin leaving a cool, smooth and refreshing feeling after application.

My experience

I have been using this essence for the past few weeks. It was recommended to be applied twice daily, morning and night. However I’ve been quite lazy so I only apply once in the morning after shower, cleansing, toning and before moisturiser.  As I sometimes have dry skin this essence has helped me enormously in keeping my face hydrated during the day. It has been great so far. Even at 2-3 in the afternoon my face still feels super soft and smooth. Ever since using this I don’t wear BB Cream or foundation anymore. Some people thought I was wearing foundation when in fact I wasn’t. So it goes to show how effective these ingredients in this essence are. 2013-01-24 19.09.26Now the only drawback I had with this essence is sometimes if I apply too much of the essence on, by the end of the day when it’s dry and hot, peels-like debris seem to form on my face, quite unattractive. So I decided to use just a small amount and it seems to work great now. I have been using the SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge and the Shiseido Brightening White Lucent moisturiser alternatively on different days. They seem to work well with the essence, no problems. Reviews about the other SK-II products will come later. ^_^

Price/Where to buy?

Price wise it is quite expensive because it has so many different components in the formula. Currently it is retailed at $300 in Myers and David Jones. I would not recommend you buy from any other online retailers except for Adore Beauty because they are licensed to distribute SK-II products. I won’t trust any other online distributors simply because the high price can attract many fakes. If China can make fake eggs they can fake anything. It’s your skin and you’d rather be safe with your face than regret it later.

2013-01-24 19.05.24

Ingredients list and their effects

For those of you who are careful and concerned about what chemicals get put on your face like me, I have done some research and put together a table of all the ingredients used in the SK-II Cellumination Essence Ex, what they do and their effects on human skin for everyone to review.

I compiled a list in excel and posted it here as an image because I couldn't get it to incorporate with the post.

I compiled a list in excel and posted it here as an image because I couldn’t get it to incorporate with the post.

So there you have it! A detailed review of this lovely serum! I would rate this product 4.5/5 because most of the ingredients are safe for the skin and there’s none that’s highly risky.



  1. It sounds like a great product!! And i can also see a big difference on the before and after picture of your hands. I’m thinking to save up for this serum now!! Very nice and helpful article :)

    1. Thanks hun. I try to keep my reviews as objective as I can but sometimes I get very excited about a product and ended up writing a whole essay. ^^’

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